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Does Your Business Need a New Mobile Strategy?

Does Your Business Need a New Mobile Strategy Averma Website Design Crawley

2019 will be all about mobile in the digital world, and this will drive how website designers, developers and digital marketing professionals will come together to ensure their clients can keep up with the current pace of the modern, data-driven and consumer-centric market.

We’re not breaking new ground here. Mobile search has been flexing its muscles against desktop for the last four years now, but this trend is only accelerating with the advancements in device technology and performance, and as network speed increases too, mobile optimisation is more important than ever. Business owners are becoming increasingly aware that their mobile strategies need a serious review to ensure they can be ready to harness not only today’s consumers, but also the future opportunities for mobile.

A single second counts in mobile

Site loading speed is another key focus for any up-to-date mobile strategy. We’ve mentioned this important trend before, and will, we’re pretty sure, again this year. Big, eCommerce businesses could stand to lose millions in revenue every year with a mobile functionality delay of just one second, according to industry research that suggests that page abandonment can result in a reduction in conversion by a massive 7%.

This is driving the need for fast and faultless functionality across mobile platforms, but 2019 mobile strategies won’t be stopping there. Consumer expectations of branding, design and usability are constantly expanding, and, coupled with site loading speed demands, will push web designers and developers much harder.

How using consumer expectation can help to build your mobile strategy

Consumer expectation, particularly on mobile, is high. This is not generally industry-specific, excepting a few niche sectors, but consumer expectations are high and rising across the globe, within all industries. Google say that brand interaction on mobile is higher than anywhere else – by twice as much, and that this is a significant opportunity for businesses to create unique brand awareness and trust like never before.

When businesses fully embrace mobile and deliver a positive experience for the consumer, consumer expectations rise, and the bar is pushed higher. Unless non-mobile-optimised businesses begin to catch up, it is clear to see how far they will be left behind in the online world of advancing technology and solutions, increasing consumer demand and growing competitor awareness.

Assessing consumer expectation and recognising its place within a mobile strategy isn’t easy. Capturing the essence of the perfect consumer experience to meet the demands for design, speed and functionality is the key to a successful start to the creation of a mobile strategy that will build vital trust.

How Averma can help develop your 2019 mobile strategy

Averma knows that there has never been a better time to harness the opportunities mobile has to offer. Google has already said it will be giving mobile-friendly sites, content and ads a priority this year, and last years’ speed algorithm updates also mean that developers, designers and marketers will be looking at mobile from a completely fresh perspective. Mobile isn’t simply a phase. On-the-go consumers are finding more UK businesses locally than ever before, and this number is accelerating.

Let Averma help you to explore your opportunities in mobile. We know how important functionality, design, loading speed and development are, but we also understand that each business has its own unique requirements. Talk to us about how we can work with you to reach your mobile strategy goals in 2019.

Contact us today via our contact form to arrange a no-obligation chat about your business needs. Let’s discuss the way forward for your business in mobile together.

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