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Are Zero-Click Searches Damaging Your Organic SEO?

Are zero-click searches damaging your organic SEO?

As Google continues to improve the search experience for the user, a fast-growing number of searches are resulting in fewer clicks. This is because Google is presenting more information at the top of the page – in the questions boxes and featured snippets. For many searches, Google is providing all the information requested without the need for a further click, which is great for the user. But what about the SEO work you have done to get that click for your business? And now analysis has been made more complex with a widening gap between search volume and click rate, how can you truly measure the value of your efforts?

Zero-click searches are only going to increase as Google works to present more no-click-required information to a wider range of search terms. According to recent industry insights, 50% of searches are ending with no click. When getting that already-elusive click means climbing over a Google-sized hurdle such as this, what else can you do to minimise the damage to your SEO?

Rethinking your strategy to overcome zero-click search

The time has come for a rethink about your content strategies if you are to minimise the impact of zero-click search. As we see all types of online businesses losing swathes of traffic to featured snippets, organic SERPS are getting further and further below the fold and for some, the impact can be catastrophic.

All good digital marketing strategies begin with the planning. This involves deep analysis of valuable search metrics, both historic and current business performance and an industry or niche comparison.

Analyse and assess

Today, you will need to assess additional value in your targeting to determine the best opportunities. Using Clicks-per-search metrics for instance, will first help to identify which search terms are obtaining clicks. Then, using filtering to determine high ranking keywords and those which already display featured snippets, you can be left with a list of potential opportunities.

Long-tail opportunities

Some marketing professionals have identified that long-tail keywords are more likely to rank higher in clicks-per-search metrics. It is good practice to look at keyphrases of 4-6 words.

Tailor your landing pages

An important step is to then tailor your landing pages to feature precise, relevant information – effectively meeting specific query response. This should help you to rank higher for those queries. If you already have featured snippets, revisit the landing pages and optimise them.

Don’t neglect your analysis

To fully understand the workings, performance and conversions from your SEO efforts, it is critical to regularly analyse everything you do. And dig deep. This can also be useful when outlining paid campaigns or planning your eCommerce approach.

Analysis is arguably one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign. It enables fast reaction to poorly performing content and highlights successful campaigns for further audiences. If you’re producing and optimising your own content, it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Can we help?

Not everyone is comfortable with analytics. Averma understands that some of the metrics take some wrangling to find and this is why we do what we do – supporting you doing what you do. If you need some support with strategic analysis to help reduce the damage zero-click searches are doing to your traffic and organic SEO, get in touch and let us guide you through. We can fully support and review your existing content marketing strategies and help boost your future efforts with a jargon-free approach.

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