Content services

Give your customers what they’re looking for.

Lead generating content services.

Get your message in front of your audience in the right format, from blogs and articles, brochures and presentations to video and voice.

We work hard to understand your business and its potential customers to fulfil the three pillars of content and social media marketing – attracting new potential customers, engaging them with your brand, and retaining their interest or loyalty. We can provide research-based strategic insight into the content that you should be creating, or we can create it on your behalf.

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to content and social media marketing and ensure that it is tied together to help achieve your wider business goals, report the latest changes in the aviation industry, give regulatory updates, announce technology releases, seasonality, and fulfil your digital marketing strategy including SEO. Our tried-and-proven distribution channels deliver more views, leads and inbound links to your website and social media channels, and we can provide analytics results for your campaigns to quantify this. Content and social media marketing are made up of many elements that fit together to create the maximum efficacy for your efforts.


The first step in content or social media marketing is understanding your business, your audience, your industry niche and your competitors. We work especially closely with you for this part of the process to ensure that we have all the relevant information from which we can make our recommendations. Additionally, we will perform audits of competitor content and its performance using specialist tools to provide deeper insight into what may or may not work for you.

Content audits: finding the hidden gems

In addition to looking at potential content that can be written or produced, we will carry out a detailed audit of what you already have. Is there content that has performed well in the past that we can reuse or rework? What media types have you already produced and where have you distributed them? Which media types have worked best (video, PDF, infographics)? How can we use the data we have for your existing content to influence our planning for your future strategy? These questions are the cornerstones to content marketing.

Content calendars & planning: from the big picture to the nitty gritty

We can create a plan or schedule depending on your requirements on what content you should be producing, when it should be published, and through which channels it should be distributed. This will tie in with current search trends, industry events, seasonality, business/campaign goals and branding preferences. We can either create this in its entirety for you, or work with you to expand or validate your own planning. Once subject matters and responsibilities have been defined, we can also work with you on the detail – preparing posts at the right length and tone for each social media or distribution channel, prepare imagery, video or build tools and calculators to complement content or campaigns.

Social media strategy: finding the right approach

Social media marketing and management is more complex that a few Facebook posts each week. Choosing the right message, for the right channel, with the right artwork and delivering at the right time and frequency can be challenging. We have extensive experience in which channels work well, and which content performs best on each channel and can advise or implement as required, as a part of the wider content planning or as a standalone activity.

Content production: putting pen to paper

As specialists in marketing, we keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest developments and can quickly produce articles relevant to your industry. With input from you, we can create press releases and news stories based on the latest in your business. And content doesn’t just mean articles, we can create video, artwork, datasheets and infographics as well, dependant on need. Content is always produced to the highest standards of accuracy, it is SEO and CRO optimised, and proofread before it is submitted to you for approval.

Content distribution: get your message, your brand and your website known

Modern digital marketing dictates that your brand and domain authority are inextricably linked. Domain authority traditionally came from “link-building” – the process of getting as many websites as possible to link to yours. But modern SEO has effectively put an end to the old definitions. In the modern environment the key is to create content and authority that pushes your brand to the forefront of your industry, and as a result, encourages people to share your website and its content. We are experienced in creating and promoting content that achieves this goal in the aviation market and can assist you at either a strategic level or through complete implementation. We have a number of contacts and distribution channels available within the aviation industry and are happy to assist you in building relationships directly for distribution or to complete the process for you.

Social media posting: talking to your audience

Social media marketing comprises principally of two elements – delivering your message to your audience and listening to them and responding. The two should be tackled hand-in-hand, but our methodology and process differ between the two. Delivering your message through posts and paid promotion should fall in line with your research into your audience, breaking news and changes and, of course, your planned content schedule. We can handle this aspect for you either manually for smaller campaigns or through tools for large projects to schedule and analyse outgoing activity. We can use supplied graphics and content or provide that for you depending on your needs and resources.

Social media interactions: listening to your audience

This second element of social media marketing is the most neglected. We believe it is not enough to “put your message out there”. We are strong advocates of dedicated time to participate in discussions, comment, like, share and poll. The amount of time that should be invested in this activity varies hugely from client to client, and we can present you with an outline strategy, a concise list of opportunities, or engage on your behalf dependant on your resources available for this activity.

Brand & reputation management: follow the conversation

Another neglected area of social media management is careful monitoring of what is being said about your brand and thought leaders within your business. As an area of technologically advancement and affected by some of the most controversial issues of modern society, social media is a breeding ground of comment and opinion, which often relates to particular brands. We offer monitoring services to ensure that if your brand is mentioned – positively or negatively – you (or us on your behalf) can respond and get your point of view across.

Compliance & legal: getting it right first time, every time

We are happy to work with your in-house legal or compliance teams to get any content, in any media format, compliant with regulatory and branding restrictions. Once approved we can distribute on your website, on social media, or in industry resources, or any combination thereof.

An International Perspective

Many industries are not limited by borders or language, and neither is Averma. We have already promoted many products in other languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Arabic. We are able to create or recreate your entire digital marketing strategy in any language and implement any geographical targeting that suits your business goals.

Defining & Measuring Success

All digital marketing campaigns start and finish with clear definitions of what you deem to be a success. Whether that be more organic visitors, increase in calls or form completions, downloads from the website or followers on Twitter. We’ll help you define the goals that will make a difference to your business and set realistic goals and targets. Once we’ve benchmarked your current performance (pre-launch), we’ll ensure that everything is in place to effectively measure performance and you’ll receive regular reports which are completely bespoke and give you the statistics and narratives that matter to you.