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Paid Search Still a High Marketing Priority According to Report

Paid Search Still a High Marketing Priority According to Report Averma website design crawley

Earlier this year, a survey of marketers from B2B and B2C businesses revealed that paid search is still a top tactical priority, alongside brand awareness and providing a better customer experience. Respondents revealed some interesting insights into the way they’re spending and planning to spend in the future:

  • 20% will (or already do) omnichannel marketing and paid social media ads.
  • Google had the highest trust index of 4.5/5.
  • Respondents said 40% of their budget goes to paid search.
    • 83% of these respondents said that they would be using (or already use) responsive search ads.
  • Mobile/In-App ads, YouTube and Amazon ads came in just behind paid social.
  • 65% of eCommerce marketers expect to spend more than last year on paid ads.
  • 32% thought video social ads the most effective.

With paid search spending at almost double that of social advertising, marketers will need to ensure that they’re up-to-date and competitive if they want to stay ahead.

What about the challenges?

Throughout the report, data protection comes up time and again as one of the biggest challenges facing the marketing industry today. Following last years’ rollout of GDPR across the EU, new rules governing data privacy, tracking guidelines and Cookies use, ad blocking and opt-in consent mean that advertisers must ensure they meet compliance or face potentially eye-watering fines.

22% of respondents said they were most challenged by data protection regulations. This tied for the top spot with video advertising.

Other challenges cited in the report were:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Messaging bots and other apps
  • Online ad fraud
  • Brand safety

The opportunities can far outweigh the challenges for the up-to-date marketing team, who measure and evaluate everything they’re doing online – way before it gets there.

Getting ahead of the competition

For marketers to truly stay ahead of the competition as spending grows, they’re going to have to get creative and clever. Analysis is key to getting the insights, but as every good paid search professional knows, understanding and evaluating is where the real skill lies. As the online ad world gets busier and faster-paced it will become more crucial to react in near real-time to failing campaigns or to further strengthen successful ones.

If you’re a business owner, then you’re relying on the experience and understanding of your paid search teams to get this right. The biggest companies are spending millions of pounds annually on paid search advertising and if their marketers are prioritising it for the future, then others will follow.

Contact us today about planning and managing paid search for your business. We aim to gain a clear and in-depth understanding of your goals so that we can deliver them.

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