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Project Title

Paid Search for eCommerce site expanding to B2C Market


2019 to present


Building Materials Supplier


Online marketing, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimisation, User Journey Analysis.


A well know B2B building materials supplier who had been trying to break into the B2C market in 2018. 

Their internal PPC efforts generated significant PPC costs, both in ad spend and management, but only 0.27% of revenue was generated through this channel, with a significant loss for this channel.

The client believed that PPC was a potentially important channel for them as their competitors used it extensively and they required a PPC campaign that would deliver traffic and revenue. The key project requirements were:

1) Increased brand awareness.

2) Close monitoring of ROI by product line as certain product lines have limited margin.

3) Monitoring cross channel attribution for revenue.


Through careful set up the new PPC campaigns represented 17% of B2C revenue in 2019. 

Aside from this significant increase in revenue, all campaigns were profitable with good ROI. 

In 2020, with ongoing optimisation and an additional focus on conversion rate optimisation and user journey, PPC represented 32% of total revenue, still providing a profitable ROI after management and ad spend.